Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Journal 3.14.15

This photo is entitled "I'm enjoying the camera on my new phone"

I'm typing from my dining room table. The driving rain is extinguishing the last vestiges of the snow on the ground and our vegetable garden is germinating by a sunny window.

My only wish on this quiet day is that I could figure out how to use my damn french press. This morning was my first attempt making coffee in an FP, as we currently have a Keurig, and before that I just went out every morning for a cup. I realize it's going to take some trial and error before I find the correct coffee:water:steep time ratio, but if you have any tips I'd welcome them. I'm drinking hot creamer water right now.

I RAN OUTSIDE. I RAN OUTSIDE. Monday was sunny and beautiful, so I hauled ass to Central Park right after work. I meant to do the small loop starting at Columbus Circle but missed the turn, which I didn't realize until I was  halfway past the Met. I feel like I could have run forever. Yay, Spring!

Monday - 4.12 miles outside
Tuesday - 20 minute run, treadmill
Wednesday - Barre
Thursday - rest day
Friday -  10 minute run, 7 minute stair climber, strength training (easy day)

Forgot to selfie but here's my instagram of Central Park on Monday.


I'm trying to leave my gray sweaters behind. I fell in love with this dress on the ASOS website on a particularly chilly day last week and I'm thrilled with it in person, too.  I got compliments all day when I wore it to work. People go crazy for a floral print ya'll. 

I can hear you thinking it.

Anyway, here's the link/better pictures if you're interested and a size 2 (the only remaining size).


This was my favorite dinner this week (I'm excluding the five-course gourmet dinner I had at a work event since I don't like to go into detail about work stuff). Did  ya'll know about this Vegan Tikka Masala from TJ's?! I hadn't been by in a month or two so I just now tried it for the first time. I feel better after eating it than the paneer option.

I served it with some sliced grape tomatoes, spinach, and TJ's frozen Na'an bread on the side. 

Also worth mentioning - City Kitchen in Times Square! It's similar to Plaza Food Hall in its offerings but has the virtue of being four blocks from my office. I picked up Dough donuts for some coworkers and ate 1.5 of them myself (they're huge).

If you're in the area, check out City Kitchen! It's great for a quick option before seeing a show or if you don't feel like walking to Ninth Ave. 


I actually started two books this week and gave up on them. First was Us by David Nicholls. I loved One Day and liked Starter for Ten. I think Us is probably up to par with Starter for Ten but I wasn't feeling reading a book about a middle-aged guy.

I also started Dark Witch by Nora Roberts. I'm going to come back to this one when I'm in a 'witch novel' mood, because for all intents and purposes, it sounds right up my alley.

In the end I settled on The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley.. I'm about 100 pages in and liking it. One thing that annoys me about her writing is that she doesn't describe her main characters in a lot of detail. I'm having trouble picturing the heroine of the story - like, what color is her hair?

The story is good, though, and I'm looking forward to getting further into it.

Thanks for reading! It's time to get started on the weekend. I'm going to bust out some miles, bake a loaf cake, and practice  my coffee making skills.



  1. Love the floral dress, so pretty. Great photos by the way :)

  2. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! -Hope