Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Journal 3.8.15

Raising a coffee mug to sleep, good books, and a clean house.

Let's jump right in, shall we? My best friend from college visited this week with her three-year-old son, and I threw a party at my house for another friend's birthday. So this weekend has been comprised of cake, wine, Catchphrase, Grey's Anatomy, the Natural History Museum, not enough sleep, and one 20-minute treadmill session. I'm in no way ready to return to work tomorrow - damn you, springing forward!

I crammed in gym time where I could this week between snow storms and extremely necessary 9pm trips to Trader Joe's. I've definitely worked out harder in my life, but I'm happy I got up and out most of the time.

Monday - 20 minute run, treadmill
Tuesday - Physique 57 - first time ever!
Wednesday - 5k on the treadmill
Thursday - 20 minute run, treadmill
Friday -  rest day

My friend Stefanie and I tried Physique 57 for the first time this week. It's like Barre on crack. I take Barre twice a week and found the beginner class we took pretty difficult. We used really heavy weights for the arm stuff that kept me sore for days - and man, they dip it LOW in this class. It's not convenient for me to take classes here so I'm not likely to pursue it, but if you like barre and want to see results fast, I recommend taking Physique classes a couple times a week. 


In the photo above I'm wearing the Studio Crop Sweatshirt from Athleta, which I got on sale a week ago. It's so soft and comfortable! I wore it to work out in everyday this week. On weekends, I've been pairing it with a tucked in black camisole and high-waisted black jeans.

It's on sale for $40 right now!


I did a good job preparing healthy food for the week, which worked out since I've been eating pre-packaged Trader Joe's snacks exclusively since Friday.

I followed this recipe for Energy Balls on Peanut Butter Fingers as an alternative to granola bars. I actually forgot the cocoa powder, but the almond butter is scrump so I didn't mind. Mine are little more "rustic" than hers, probably because my food processor is very old. These were great for before a workout or as a dessert item. I wish I had more for this weekend but I don't feel up to rolling up a bunch of date balls right now.

I used my spiralizer (I love you like XO) to make sweet potato noodles this week, I blanched them and added them to stir-fried tofu and edemame, then coated them with this peanut sauce.

It was one of those serendipitous meals where I came across the peanut sauce recipe when I was looking at blogs on my phone on the train home. 1 sweet potato, half a cup of edemame, and a block of tofu made two servings.*

*probably four servings, but I ate it in two sittings.


I finished The Girl You Left Behind by JoJo Moyes this week and now I'm not sure what's next. I have a couple of hot 2015 readz on my short list but there all kind of bummer-y (sideglance at Anthony Doerr).

I think I'll go pick out a book now to start on my commute tomorrow.

This week I want to run outside some and not eat too much chocolate. I hope all your March dreamz come true!


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