Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shopping Inspiration for Spring, Part 1

I'm working on my shopping list for 50° and up. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the fashion choices I see online and in the city everyday and don't know how to make what I like work for me. This season, I'm taking a methodical approach so I don't end up with a pile of mediocre garments that don't mix well together

step 1: Identify what pieces I need from a practical point.
step 2: Collect images that contain colors, textiles, and silhouettes I'm inspired by.
step 3: Pick out pieces based on steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: Here's what's missing.
Spring coat - preferably one that is water proof and doesn't look dorky with my Everlane backpack.

Shorter jeans in lighter washes.

Walk-able flats to wear to the office with skirts and jeans.

Sneakers for commuting, weekends, and general coolness.

Skirts - lighter fabrics with loose sillhouettes (a-line, circle) that can be worn with or without tights

Tops - my t-shirt situation HAS to be fleshed out, like, now.

Watch for everyday wear. My fancy graduation present Bulova watch clashes with my wedding ring.  It's a problem considering that my commute adheres to a strict time table.

Step 2: What I'm inspired by.

So my whole Pinterest board is normcore, but I'm actually feeling really feminine stuff right now. I think I want everything I buy to be blush.

But talking about normcore reminds me that one thing is for certain - I need white sneakers right now.

The other day I was leafing through the Anthropologie catalog over some cheerios and I almost wept when I saw this image. I tore it out immediately. Both garments are beautiful and romantic, and it's been. so. cold. here. I know I didn't write that I need lace shorts but they are happening. Hey man, cheaper than therapy. 

Another pinboard photo - I am loving collarless jackets right now and I think I'd like something like this for March and April. 

This look is really feminine and dynamic. I saw some geometric sweaters at Joe Fresh that spoke to me and now I'm newly inspired to pick one up. 

I've always loved a straight denim skirt and happy they're coming back. Gorgeous tights too. 

Boyfriend jeans, yeessss!

Printed pants are comfy and on trend.

Cute light pink loafers and short skinny jeans - but man, those shoes would get destroyed immediately in Times Square (where my office is). 

I've been thinking about this a lot and I think leopard flats are the way I want to go for my work flats. I know they're a little "last year" but I'm wearing my husband's hoodie right now so wHaTeVeR.

Step 3: The List. 


I'm in love and it's only $80. I'll  just get an umbrella. Mango


The skinny resolution are my fave jeans of the moment, so I'll get another pair to work into rotation. I like the look of boyfriend jeans but in actuality they're too baggy for my style - I'll just cuff a pair of straight jeans. 


Black Slip Ons - Keds

Champion Mushroom - Keds

Keds are cheap, so I'm getting two pairs. How weird and cute are the mushroom print ones? I get keds every summer, they're perfect for every warm-weather activity, including wearing to work with cropped trousers. 

Leopard Espadrilles - Soludos

Classic Adidas - Zappos

I like these a little better than the way-cool Stan Smiths. I'm torn, though. I've been lusting after white sneaks for months but I'm extremely aware that they will be ruined after I wear them twice. Maybe I should just stick with the black slip ons?

I think someone is getting me this for a first anniversary coming up. How can I spin a watch as "paper?" Nixon


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