Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Favorite Tights from Athleta

So here I am, two servings of potato chips in, to talk about my favorite exercise pants. I have varied interests, ok?

Here's what you need to know about Athleta:

  • Size down. If possible, go to a store and try them on. When I was a size 14, I wore a medium. Now I'm a size 8 and I wear a small. Hope that helps.
  • Athleta has more sizes and styles and is slightly less expensive than Lululemon. They even have discounts occasionally. They have free workout classes in store on Saturday mornings in some locations. I am happy to support Athleta where I tend avoid lulu (I just don't appreciate their image, and, ok, those weird button scarves are waaay too suburban).
  • It's a Gap brand, so you can throw some active wear in with your Banana Republic order. One-stop internet shopping is my jam.
  • If you're looking for staples like running tights or sports bras, save up and get two of your favorite pair. If you see a sweater or cute little jacket you like, it's extremely likely it will end up on the clearance rack, so wait it out a bit. 

My favorites are the Chat tight and the Be Free running tights. I'm even modeling them for you which I hope you find somewhat helpful, as I do not have a fitness model body (like when on Anthropologie the real customers post photos of the item you're looking at - I love that). 

Be Free Series

This was supposed to be a test picture but it turned out the best, sorry I'm holding tape.

For my purposes these are exclusively for running. I never wear them to spin or yoga or anything because I like to keep them clean to run in since they're my favorite. Here's why:

*POCKETS! There is a side pocket that can hold your phone or ipod (you don't have to wear a BS arm band) and a back zippy pocket for your Gatorade dollar.

*Unstinkable technology: I wear them for 2-3 runs (6-10 miles) before washing them. I mean, if you bury your face in them after a run it won't be a great situation, but they won't stink up your gym bag. 

*The back-of-the-knee area is a mesh panel that breathes really nicely.

*Fit: they don't feel too tight or like you have to hike them up. They're like comfy sweatpants that happen to have compression. 

*Rise: They come up to my belly button and have a wide waistband.

I'm ordering another color right now! Dobby Be Free Knicker, $64.00

Chaturanga Series

Chaturanga tight

(regular) Chaturanga Tight

These are very cute and THICK. I originally bought these when I couldn't stomach another walk to barre class in frigid temperatures in my thin Old Navy crops. They're not designed for cold weather, but because it's such a luxe thick fabric they do keep the chill out. I haven't worn them in the summer yet but I feel they would do well in a lightly ACed studio. I don't wear them for activities where I'm very overheated, like spin.

Without getting specific - they are FLATTERING. On the weekends I wear them with longer sweaters and shirts. 

I posted a picture tucked in and out so you can get a general sense of the rise of these tights. These are the regular rise, which hit normally on my hips. They do slide down a bit if I'm moving a lot causing some muffin top (espesh with these thin tanks), but it doesn't personally bother me that much. 

High Rise Chat Tight 

I got these online to see if they solve the sometimes-muffin top problem of the regular Chat tight, and they do. They were out of my size in the regular inseam, so I got the tall. I have a 32" inseam, so these just pool a little bit, but they keep my ankles warm!  They are my perfect pair of yoga tights and look cute with ankle boots after class.

Here you can see they bunch at the ankles just a touch. 

Lexi and I thank you for stopping by!


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