Friday, March 6, 2015

Healthier Make-Ahead Egg Sandwiches

I feel like I've tried every overnight oats recipe and greek yogurt topping under the sun, but I'm always starving by 11am. I decided to switch to eggs for weekday breakfasts after doing some online research about cholesterol (it turns out one egg a day isn't terribly bad for you).

After considering this recipe from Damn Delicious and this method from the Kitchn, I decided to branch out on my own.

Here's my method that's low-calorie and doesn't involve filling a sheet pan with eggs - a Frittata Sandwich!

I decided to do a simple spinach frittata that I would cut into fourths to store it in the fridge. The other methods suggest you can assemble the sandwiches ahead of time and put them in the freezer, but I prefer to use a freshly-toasted english muffin and just zap the egg in the microwave.

First I wilted some spinach in my cast iron pan with Smart Balance Cooking Spray and pre-heated the oven to 400°. This is an 8" pan, a little smaller than a dinner plate. Perfect for four servings

When the spinach cooked down, I added four eggs, salt, and pepper. 

I added a handful of shredded mozzarella (It's not completely cheeseless, I'm not a monster).

When the cheese was incorporated, I let it set until it was JUST a little runny in the middle. It had already firmed up and pulled away from the sides of the pan when I put it in the oven for about 12 minutes.

Cooling for a couple minutes

 oops I also made cookies

When the frittata was cool, I cut it into fourths and wrapped each piece in parchment paper and put them in a ziplock bag.

 In the morning, I would zap the egg (still in parchment paper) for 30 seconds while an english muffin toasted. I assembled the sandwich with a little ketchup and then re-wrapped the whole thing in the parchment paper and a paper towel (or you can eat it on a plate like a real person).

My assistant was wondering if the model sammy was up for grabs or....?

I hope you enjoy!

Make Ahead Frittata Sandwiches

makes: 4 sandwiches

cooking spray
4 eggs
salt and pepper
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella
2 handfuls of spinach, roughly chopped
4 english muffins

You will also need: a small cast iron pan, parchment paper, and plastic wrap/ziplock bags.

To Make Frittata:
-Preheat oven to 400°
-Beat 4 eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper.
-Spray cast iron pan with cooking spray and add spinach.
-When spinach is about halfway wilted, add eggs to the pan.
-Let the eggs set for a few seconds. Distribute the mozzarella evenly through the pan.
-When the eggs are completely set around the edges and bottom and starting to firm up in the center, place the frittata in the oven. Let it bake for 10-15 minutes until completely set.

To Store Eggs:
-When the frittata is completely cool, slice it into four pieces. Wrap each piece in a generous square of parchment paper and store them all in a ziplock bag.

To Assemble the Sandwich:
-Toast an english muffin or two pieces of toast
-While the bread is toasting, microwave an egg, still wrapped in parchment paper, for 30 seconds.
-Place egg on toasted bread and add ketchup or whatever condiments you're feeling.
-Wrap the entire sandwich in the parchment paper. I like to add a layer of paper towel over the parchment paper to trap heat.


  1. now the whole internet knows you eat ketchup on eggs. why didn't you lie and say it was homemade sriracha?!

    1. Because I have to keep it real! I buy Sriracha in a bottle :(

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