Saturday, March 28, 2015

Avocado Rosemary Lime Bars

Hopefully you are intrigued by the the title of this post and not grossed out. It does seem odd to see these three ingredients together, especially in a dessert, but trust me, these are sweet and yummy!

I came across the recipe on and was duly weirded out. I decided to give them a try because all nine reviews are positive. Granted, if you don't like avocado, rosemary, lime, or shortbread, then these aren't for you. I personally love them.

I made them for the baking competition that we had at worst last week. Sadly they didn't win, but I gave myself a mental blue ribbon for Most Creative.

The avocado provides the texture for the sweet lime base which pairs really nicely with the hint of rosemary.

I actually made rosemary shortbread cookies at Christmastime  (half with chocolate chips, half without) following this recipe and they received rave reviews. If you're not feeling the lime part, you could always start here. 


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  1. These look great, can't wait to try them! -HB1