Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Journal 2.22.15

L helping me recover

I skipped a week of blogging because I came down with the stomach flu and wasn't up to doing anything for days. Luckily, my husband's and my sickness only overlapped for about 6 hours so we were able to bring each other ginger ale and take Lex outside without any major strife.

Last night we finally got a legitimate blizzard in NJ! We have a couple feet on the ground since the snow had yet to melt at any point this winter. I've been in a bad mood for weeks now due to the cold and slush, but today the sun is out and it feels like spring is...well, not around the corner, but on its way, in any case.

Still slow-going - I'm continuing to blame the winter doldrums (along with being sick), but I have to stay committed to it a little each day. I feel so much better when I get my heart rate up.

Monday - Rest Day - still recovering from the flu, plus I didn't have to go work since it was  President's Day.
Tuesday - 2ish miles on the treadmill
Wednesday - Barre
Thursday - 2-3 miles on the treadmill
Friday - went to the gym with a friend after work, basically did nothing but chat on the elliptical and lift weights for about 4 minutes. It was a fun end to the week though.

No workout selfie, SORRY GUYS!!! I'm still looking rather peaked.


I ordered two pairs of jeans at the Gap this week and I really love both of them. This is the first time in months that I have had more than one pair of pants that fit.

These are the 1969 Stretch & Recovery Legging Jeans in Trinity Wash. I bought these specifically because I love the faded black wash. They are a little loose in the thighs, which you can kind of see in the model, but on me it's not quite as noticeable (I got them quads, thanks Barre class!)

I also grabbed a pair of the style Gap is touting - 1969 resolution true skinny jeans. These are brilliant. The rise is so on point, and the color is beautiful. They're comfortable as balls but look tight the way a good pair of skinnies should. And they're not to expensive - it's Gap, so, you can always get them for like 40% off whatever the arbitrary MSRP is, like $70 or something? I'm going to get another pair soon.

So, I've been wearing my new jeans and my Sorel's everyday. God February is fucking miserable.

It's cool because garnishes you guys

Last night I made the Vegetarian Tikka Masala courtesy of Emma on A Beautiful Mess and it was super good. The only change I made was that I seared the tempeh first before mixing it into the sauce. I love her recipes, they are mostly vegetarian (<3<3) and always easy. This is inauthentic, sure, but I would not try to make authentic Indian food at home anyway - I live in New Jersey and work in Manhattan, so For Real Indian Food is widely available to me for the low low price of $tendollarsorwhatever on But this was perfect for a snowy night when ordering delivery is just rude. 

God, I really want to eat my leftovers but I have an HIIT+Kettlebells class in an hour. Yikes. 

I also went to Cafeteria with a friend earlier this week. I was impulse shopping at Fishs Eddy and this place was rather close by, so we gave it a go. Luckily we got a table in about 5 minutes. 

My stomach was like NOT READY for restaurant food but we powered through. I recommend Cafeteria if you're looking for a place in Chelsea. It's got a swanky atmosphere but it's not very expensive. We had the mac & cheese spring rolls appetizer - which comes with a smoked gouda dipping sauce, good lord! It was amazing. I ordered a green salad with a poached egg to balance that out, while my dining companion ordered fish & chips - I helped him with his fries and they were also delicious. 

Sorry yr jealous of my Nina Dobrev bookmark tho

 The Girl on the Train by Pawla Hawkins - worth the hype, but not as good as Gone Girl, as some have claimed. I mean, Gone Girl is a masterpiece, though. Still, read it!! It will take you 5 minutes because you cannot put it down.

A friend lent me a couple JoJo Moyes books so I'm going to be powering through those for the rest of the month.

That's it for this weekend. It was sunny enough to take Lex out on his first proper walk in weeks, and now I'm going to get ready for my fitness class so I can shove popcorn down my gullet during my husband's and my annual Oscars wager (I always win). Have a great week!


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