Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Morning Journal 2.28.15

There's more snow on the horizon this weekend. I've accepted that this is my new life but I feel bad for my little dog. He's emptied his indoor toy bucket and when he gets sick of playing indoor ball (where we gently throw the ball 15 feet against the kitchen cabinets) he just lays in a sunbeam looking depressed. We need the snow to melt ASAP.

So far this weekend I've slept for 9 hours,watched two episodes of The Americans, and made  eggs and toast for my husband and myself. We are trying this new thing of eating at the table. I mean, we have out phones out sometimes, but we're sitting at an actual table and not the couch so it feels like a step up. 

I signed up for a new fitness challenge that will take place at the end of April. I'll write more about that soon. Luckily, just the act of signing up has reinvigorated my fitness. I'm also taking my first ever Physique 57 class next week and I can't wait. I do Barre 1-2 times a week now so I wonder if it will be difficult for me or just feel like another barre class.

Monday - Cardio Barre
Tuesday - ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday - rest day  (had a long meeting after work)
Thursday - ran 2 miles on treadmill
Friday - ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill

I realized I never write about my work fitness! Besides my gym and class workouts, a few of my coworkers and I meet up every afternoon and do some basic equipment-less exercises for a couple minutes. We try to do it around 4pm when everyone wants to kill themselves and eat a brownie. Right now we are doing ab exercises, planks, and push ups. We did a squats challenge previously and got up to 250 squats. It was fun but hard on the knees.

I really recommend starting this with some friends if you have an office job, for two reasons:

1. When you plank 5 days a week for 4 months, you feel the results in every physical activity you do.

2. Listening to Britney, laughing, and doing crunches for 10 minutes will actually make you feel better than a Starbucks croissant or half a milky way. Crazy but true.

On Thursday there was no one using the women's weight/stretch room so I went selfiecrae. I was tired from running though so this was the best I could do. Wassup $30 water bottle. 


I honestly can't remember, can you guys? My pea coat. Big headphones as earmuffs. Hunter boots with two pairs of socks. I think I wore a sports bra to work yesterday. Fuck everything.


Lemon Feta Zoodles twice this week

One of my friends at work has been insisting I try this zoodle recipe on Inspiralized and I finally did - twice. I don't eat chicken so I just omitted it. HOLY COW! The lemon and garlic is so flavorful. This recipe has very few ingredients and comes together quickly. I'll be making it again and again. 

I know I never shut up about spiralizing but it's the BEST. I obviously preordered the Inspiralized cookbook and read it cover to cover when it arrived on my doorstep. Once I finish this entry I'm going to get my shopping list ready. 

You guys need to get a spiralizer. By you guys, I mean my sister, since she's the only one reading this. Honor, GET A SPIRALIZER. 

I bought this Blueprint coffee drink as a treat to have on Tuesday since I was going to a show after work and wouldn't have time for a proper meal between the gym and curtain. I didn't want to "detox" or "cleanse" anything, I just though a cashew coffee milkshake would be delicious. I will buy one now and again, maybe, but overall I think the bottled juice (or meal replacement) thing is not for me. 

Not pictured: The Office Girl Scout Mom delivered the goods this week.  I know you have one in your office too--every year, she comes by with the sign up sheet like a cookie angel and you throw $24 at her. Months pass and you forget. You pass by the Oreos at the supermarket and an idle memory of writing "samoas" on a glossy spreadsheet in ballpoint pen surfaces in your brain. Then it happens. The email subject - Cookies are here! With a parenthetical smiley face. 

God help us all. 


I'm on a JoJo Moyes binge after my coworker lent me three of her books. I've finished One Plus One and Me Before You. I loved them both, Me Before You especially. I bought myself a copy of that one after returning it. According to Google, there is a movie version in the works starring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke.

Now I'm on The Girl You Left Behind. Her books are romantic and extremely poignant, but still funny. She reminds me a more depressing Marian Keyes. I recommend her  - start with Me Before You. 

This Week in Culture

I went to see On the Twentieth Century at Roundabout on Tuesday and loved it! I'm always happy to see a show but I'm a particular fan of dancey musicals. Kristen Chenoweth is an amazing performer - I hadn't seen her live since I saw Wicked 12 years ago and it was great to watch her show her stuff again.

Peter Gallagher has been out all week. It was kind of a bummer because I want to see Sandy Cohen sing and dance, but his understudy James Moye was really fun to watch with Kristen, and he has a great voice. 

Jamie. Dornan. Tho. 

I also want to confess that I've been listening to the Fifty Shades of Gray Soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie yet - at this point it was probably be a Netflix thing for me - but I'm loving Bey and Ellie Goulding's songs. I've been a fan of Danny Elfman since Nightmare Before Christmas and the score doesn't disappoint. I almost don't want to see the film and put the songs in context. 

And now I'm off to the grocery store and to find my dog the biggest, most complicated bone in New Jersey.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Accidental Capsule Wardrobe

I got rid of everything that didn't fit, ordered two pairs of jeans on sale, and here we are. This is everything except for a red flannel shirt from Old Navy.

I've been thinking about ordering more clothes but spring is just around the corner (I know it!!), so I'm just making due with what I have: 4 sweaters, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, a couple t-shirts and blouses, a comfy blue hoodie, and two skirts in case I have a meeting.

This is the paragraph where I write about "the place in my career" wherein I "invest in timeless pieces" and "day to night" and "a chic trenchcoat" and "French girl style" and "look for high-quality fabric" and stuff.

Oh man, I just got like, so many google hits with that bit.

That said, I have compiled a list of basics I need to round out my somewhat limited wardrobe. I'll  buy one of these items weekly until I've acquired a proper unifrom for any occassion. OR, I will buy a $150 luxury sweatshirt and hope I never get invited to a cocktail party.

This list is in order of priority, from black pants (needed yesterday) to brown boots (I can manage without them for the rest of the season).

Black Cropped Trousers. They have to be above the ankle so they don' look dorky. J Crew is perfect for wear-once-a-week basics that hold up for a couple of years.

A cardigan because sometimes pullover sweaters are too much of a commitment. Land's End sells the best sweaters, that's just basic mom knowledge. 

A chambray shirt. I think J Crew makes the seminal denim shirt, but I like the ones at Loft too.

Dresses for work. I'll start with this number from ASOS - I also need a knit LBD and a couple sundresses in case it's ever warm again. 

White silk button downs are more flattering than their poplin counterparts. While nice to have, this is lower on the list because white shirts (especially those that require dry cleaning) stress me out. It's crazy to me though that I'm functioning without black pants or a standard white shirt right now. 

Brown Knee-High Boots would be welcome, and I especially love this pair as they don't look as suburban as the more ubiquitous Melissa Button boots. I know I rated these last on my "need" list but they're like 50% off right now. I'm reaching for credit card.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Journal 2.22.15

L helping me recover

I skipped a week of blogging because I came down with the stomach flu and wasn't up to doing anything for days. Luckily, my husband's and my sickness only overlapped for about 6 hours so we were able to bring each other ginger ale and take Lex outside without any major strife.

Last night we finally got a legitimate blizzard in NJ! We have a couple feet on the ground since the snow had yet to melt at any point this winter. I've been in a bad mood for weeks now due to the cold and slush, but today the sun is out and it feels like spring is...well, not around the corner, but on its way, in any case.

Still slow-going - I'm continuing to blame the winter doldrums (along with being sick), but I have to stay committed to it a little each day. I feel so much better when I get my heart rate up.

Monday - Rest Day - still recovering from the flu, plus I didn't have to go work since it was  President's Day.
Tuesday - 2ish miles on the treadmill
Wednesday - Barre
Thursday - 2-3 miles on the treadmill
Friday - went to the gym with a friend after work, basically did nothing but chat on the elliptical and lift weights for about 4 minutes. It was a fun end to the week though.

No workout selfie, SORRY GUYS!!! I'm still looking rather peaked.


I ordered two pairs of jeans at the Gap this week and I really love both of them. This is the first time in months that I have had more than one pair of pants that fit.

These are the 1969 Stretch & Recovery Legging Jeans in Trinity Wash. I bought these specifically because I love the faded black wash. They are a little loose in the thighs, which you can kind of see in the model, but on me it's not quite as noticeable (I got them quads, thanks Barre class!)

I also grabbed a pair of the style Gap is touting - 1969 resolution true skinny jeans. These are brilliant. The rise is so on point, and the color is beautiful. They're comfortable as balls but look tight the way a good pair of skinnies should. And they're not to expensive - it's Gap, so, you can always get them for like 40% off whatever the arbitrary MSRP is, like $70 or something? I'm going to get another pair soon.

So, I've been wearing my new jeans and my Sorel's everyday. God February is fucking miserable.

It's cool because garnishes you guys

Last night I made the Vegetarian Tikka Masala courtesy of Emma on A Beautiful Mess and it was super good. The only change I made was that I seared the tempeh first before mixing it into the sauce. I love her recipes, they are mostly vegetarian (<3<3) and always easy. This is inauthentic, sure, but I would not try to make authentic Indian food at home anyway - I live in New Jersey and work in Manhattan, so For Real Indian Food is widely available to me for the low low price of $tendollarsorwhatever on But this was perfect for a snowy night when ordering delivery is just rude. 

God, I really want to eat my leftovers but I have an HIIT+Kettlebells class in an hour. Yikes. 

I also went to Cafeteria with a friend earlier this week. I was impulse shopping at Fishs Eddy and this place was rather close by, so we gave it a go. Luckily we got a table in about 5 minutes. 

My stomach was like NOT READY for restaurant food but we powered through. I recommend Cafeteria if you're looking for a place in Chelsea. It's got a swanky atmosphere but it's not very expensive. We had the mac & cheese spring rolls appetizer - which comes with a smoked gouda dipping sauce, good lord! It was amazing. I ordered a green salad with a poached egg to balance that out, while my dining companion ordered fish & chips - I helped him with his fries and they were also delicious. 

Sorry yr jealous of my Nina Dobrev bookmark tho

 The Girl on the Train by Pawla Hawkins - worth the hype, but not as good as Gone Girl, as some have claimed. I mean, Gone Girl is a masterpiece, though. Still, read it!! It will take you 5 minutes because you cannot put it down.

A friend lent me a couple JoJo Moyes books so I'm going to be powering through those for the rest of the month.

That's it for this weekend. It was sunny enough to take Lex out on his first proper walk in weeks, and now I'm going to get ready for my fitness class so I can shove popcorn down my gullet during my husband's and my annual Oscars wager (I always win). Have a great week!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Morning Journal 2.7.15

This week started off with another blizzard. My suburb closed down early on Monday resulting in my leaving work early. Manhattan has no snow on the ground to speak of while we have over a foot that hasn't had a chance to melt yet. It just starting snow again this morning, which is quite deleterious to my scheduled Target trip. 

I'm going to try to push myself this weekend since my workday fitness exploits have been uninspired to say the least. I'm either bored or not getting enough sleep or both - is it time to try a month of class pass? After 20 minutes or so on the treadmill, I find myself packing it up and going home to drink a gallon of green tea under a blanket.

Here's how it broke down this week:
Monday - the gym closed early so I did two fitsugar videos - my best personal workout of the week. This one followed by this one.
Tuesday - ran 2.5 miles
Wednesday - Barre
Thursday - rest day
Friday - ran 1 mile, elliptical'd 1 mile, 250 squats, arm workout

This week's workout selfie is from home! I always do my at-home exercising in our second guest room - the only things in here are a small twin bed, empty bookcase, and rug - all of which can be shoved out of the way easily.

really cool shorts


I've been consistently buying one or two garments every week since Christmas because none of my old clothes fit anymore. It's really frustrating; everything I can wear to work fits in a single drawer in my bureau. After spilling soy sauce on my only jeans, I had to wear a skirt to work. It's been so bitterly cold I went with workout pants instead of tights. It turned out ok, but I have two big meetings this week and no idea what I will be able to put together. 


This chili recipe - I was intrigued by the bizarre list of ingredients, which include a can of pumpkin puree, pineapples (I used fresh not canned), and coconut milk. It's really good! I recommend giving it a try for something different. I did not take a picture of it because it would have looked like garbage, but I promise it's delicious.

another exceptional food photo

I'm also riding the spiralizing train hard - this is 3 zucchinis, a bell pepper, a cup of jarred tomato sauce, 1/2 a cup of cooked quinoa, and some parmesan. It's warm and filling, perfect for snow days.

This is what my snack bowl looks like lately. Help. 


I read two Julia Quinn romance novels on my commute this week: The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me. I would describe them as "pretty good for what they are." I was in the mood to read something light, and so I did. If you like period romance novels in theory but can't deal with abysmal writing, check out Julia Quinn.

My mom was here and she left me The Girl on the Train by Pawla Hawkins - can't wait to crack it open!

On the Media

I saw Imitation Game with one of my girlfriends this week. I did like it, but is it really a Best Picture movie? I thought some parts of it were rather cheesy.

....Matthew Goode though. 

Ugh, that's all for this week. I'm heading to the gym to punch some stuff and then possibly overspend at Anthropologie.


Monday, February 2, 2015

A Study in Headphones

Now that I've thrown out three sets of $20 over ear headphones, I'm ready to invest in a fashion pair. These all cost my entire tax refund but it's worth it to me if I can get better depth of sound and a warranty. I'm dreaming of some on-point selfies with all a'these.

1. Panasonic RP HTX7 Headphones These are cute and inexpensive, but I've had bad luck with the adjustable wire head-band. I can't find any warranty information and they don't have a carrying case. Eh. 

2. Bose Around-Ear Headphones I like the color but they're not the prettiest. As far as actual headphone qualities, they have a carrying case, warranty, phone receiver, and the reviews on how they sound are overwhelmingly positive. But maybe they're a little too plasticky-looking. 

3. Samsung Level On Over-Ear Headphones  These are pretty esspensive to not come with a warranty, but I can get that through Best Buy (as I do with my sport headphones). I like the design, but are they just Beats knockoffs?

4. Beats by Dr. Dre Rose-Gold  Ok, so these are $250 and I think my husband would actually divorce me if I spent that much money on an accessory used for 5-song Spotify playlists and watching Starzplay on my phone. But if I did get them and I did wear them around, everybody would be like "that cool girl doesn't give a fuck, you can tell by her gold Dre's." I could always pay cash and tell him they were on sale...

5. Frends Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold  Hello, lover. A pair of Frends has been topping my wishlist since I spotted them in every September issue, like, ever. I'm not sure we are meant to be together though, because it freaks me out that they use lambskin for the ear pads. Alas. 

Which pair would you buy? I'm leaning towards #3.