Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Morning Journal

The first full week back in the office was not as brutal as I anticipated. It's nice to be in a normal routine again after a few weeks of vacations, family, cookies, and 184 episodes of FriendsonNetflix. Here are some notes from my workweek:

Monday - Cardio at the gym
Tuesday - Barre
Wednesday - uhh...I walked my dog?
Thursday - Cardio Kickboxing
Friday - Cardio at the gym

I ended up wearing this long sleeve shirt and these same black crops all week, only rotating sports bras and tank tops and what not.

CHECK OUT MY BARRE SHOES! They were a Christmas gift from my older sister and I broke them out for the first time this week. These are Reebok True Studio Slippers and I highly recommend them. I bet they will last longer than my $20 grippy socks (not that I'm bitter or anything).

They're so effective that I can selfie in relevé!

I followed the instructions in this video (this girl is an amazing genius) to make Zucchini Noodles with marinara sauce, parm, and a fried egg.

I served myself sauteed mushrooms and dark greens three times as a snack before dinner. The recipe/idea is from one of my current favorite cookbooks, Appetite for Reduction. It is filled with fast recipes that are super good for you (so perfect for January). If you're trying to be healthy, eat vegan! A well-rounded vegan diet is basically clean eating without having to use terrible buzzwords.

Real talk, we ordered pizza twice this week. Whoops.

I'm reading The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, so far so good. Additionally, I bought a new cookbook that I will review later in the week.

On the Media

I listened to a podcast interview of Maureen Corrigan talking about her latest book, So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures (I'm like, if you listen to Fresh Air you have that title memorized by now). I don't read a lot of literary criticism (or any nonfiction, for that matter) but I am going to get this from the library. 

It's really nice having tv back, especially Downton Abbey! Does Rose have a plot this year or what? 

I better wrap up and get to my laundry! Today's to do list includes Chipotle, new running shoes, and setting up my new desk. I'm doing all of it in sweatpants.


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