Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Journal 1/25/14

Lex is unsure of the snow

I love luxurious Saturday mornings. My husband gets up to take the dog out (giving me a reprieve from my weekday responsibility) and then he enjoys a quiet morning while I stretch out in the bed for another hour or so, waking around 9:30.

When I get up I head straight for the Keurig and then the backyard again with Lex. I like to knock a couple chores off the list so the house is not in such a state while I Netflix binge, so I'll sweep and dust and wipe down some counters while my coffee is brewing. Its a lovely start to the weekend.

This week  I watched both the DVD (1987 Broadway Cast) and a live production (Roundabout) of Into the Woods with a friend from work, and on Thursday I grabbed Thai food with some old college pals. It was nice to go out, but I'm definitely looking forward to a weekend at my house.

The snow has hit, so I'll be snuggling with my dog under my favorite faux fur blanket and reaping the benefits of my new milk frother.

Monday - Peloton Cycle class
Tuesday - squeezed in 2 11-minute miles before seeing Into the Woods
Wednesday - Barre class with my fave instructor (I'm still sore)
Thursday - 2.5 miles, pace around 10:30 per mile
Friday - Rest Day

No selfie today since the locker rooms were mega-crowded all week. Whipping out Instagram while a dozen girls are negotiating their compression tights behind you is a No-No. 


This parka everyday because it's Winter. BTW, I'm over it. Wake me up when it's tomato season.


 I can't believe I haven't been buying Thomas Multigrain 100 calorie english muffins my whole life. I enjoy them on my commuter train with my coffee every morning and it's pure bliss, especially when paired with a good podcast. 

I actually planned ahead last weekend and roasted a bunch of veggies and cooked a giant pot of quinoa. I made this wrap for lunch twice.

-savoy cabbage
-roasted red pepper and sweet potato

I made three cabbage wraps-each about the size of my fist- and finished off the meal with some greek yogurt & granola. SO YUMMY. 


Er, Self magazine. Also say hello to my new water bottle. RIP Dove bar, I hardly new ye. OK, I promise this is the last photo of shit on my lap. 

On the Media
This woman estimates she'll only read about 3,000 books in her lifetime.  No hate - read that Regency-era romance! Or Outlander for the 10th time! Just me?

I'm your stereotypical theatre person in that I don't follow sports AT ALL - but the coverage of this deflated football thing was all over the news when I was on the treadmill and it turns out Tom Brady is super hot.

I'm off to make another cup of coffee and catch up on the Vampire Diaries...


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