Sunday, January 25, 2015

Line Items 1.25.15

A cute bowl from Goodwill and an indulging in my Amazon wishlist.

Footed Fruit Bowl
It was a little pricey for a thrift store find, coming in at $9.99. I try not to spend more than $5 on any dish I like at a thrift store, but I couldn't resist. It's footed! We've needed a proper fruit bowl for a long time - I've been using our bamboo salad bowl as a stop-gap measure for years.

Manual Milk Frother
This is a coffee and hot chocolate game changer! I added it to my cart on a whim and I'm never going back. I use it mainly on the weekends because I can't enjoy the foam as much when I'm using my travel mug on the way to work, but it's still worth the $20 or whatever.

My co-worker gave me the idea of using cocoa and cinnamon on my coffee as a special indulgence everyday, so now I have a shaker next to my Keurig that has cocoa and cinnamon blended together that I use a finishing touch. It's yumtown over Hazelnut coffee (I like Archer Farms Toasted Hazelnut). Coffeetime is the best time.

bkr bottle in "Ryan"
This is probably dumb but last Saturday I ordered a $30.00 water bottle on Amazon. My only other water bottle is a huge plastic nalgene-like bottle that my work gave out as swag. It's fine for using at my desk and stuff, but it's leaky and I can't drink out of in the treadmill because the top is so wide. I kind of splurged here, but this glass one hits everything on my checklist and it's like, been in Teen Vogue or whatever.

 I don't generally mind plasticwares but I do dislike how plastic water bottles look cloudy and scratched after months of daily use.

NARS duo eyeshadow in Alahambra
$30 doesn't get a lot of makeup when you're up off the drugstore level (no shade, I'm a Maybelline girl, too). I picked this out at Sephora above the other palettes because the pots are a good size and it has a mirror. The colors are nothing special, maybe, but I always rely on light pink and tan to make my eyes brighter.

Before this, I was using a Sephora brand "smoky eye" palette that has four colors - I used the tan and the pink up pretty quickly and now I have two tiny brown pots left. Lesson learned.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer #01
This is one of my desert-island cosmetics. So good you guys. It even says "industrial strength" on the back. I slather it on my eyelids (as eyeshadow primer) and on my t-zone and suddenly I look as bright and awake as a photoshopped drag queen. Literally I've applied it front of people and they are amazed at the difference it makes. It's's my favorite. I'm getting emotional.

I happened upon this $9 bottle of argan oil in Duane Reade on Thursday and immediately snapped it up. I didn't take a picture of the bottle I actually bought, because it was the last one left and the sticker on the front is peeling off.

Last weekend I dropped my Josie Maran in my sink and over half of the contents spilled out. I screamed bloody murder and wailed for 5 minutes (my husband said I was "being dramatic" - like he could ever know how it feels) before resigning myself to pony up another $40. 

Then I found this! I guess the formula must be different, but I can't tell. I use it mainly on my cuticles and elbows as a precursor to my nightly lotioning, and so far it's keeping everything satisfactorily soft. I recommend picking up a bottle of this (they also have it at Ulta, apparently) and trying it for yourself. 


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