Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye for now, favorite sweatshirt

Nothing to see here, locker roommates

Looks like it's Selfie Sunday over here. Am I too old for selfies? I'm 28. Whatever. I've decided to get over the shame of taking locker room photos so I can have a photo diary of my workouts (to go with my snack photos - they'll all be in my upcoming book. Just Kidding.). 

Man, the gym was crowded. Maybe everyone had 18 servings of Dal Makhani for dinner last night like I did. I used this interval workout as a reference but only went for 35 minutes since I had to meet my husband. Still, it was a tough workout.

My workout pants are Athleta (favorite) and my tank top is from the Gap Breathe line. If you don't have 1,000 Breathe workout tops you're doing it wrong. The fabric is super nice - I even wear them to my office sometimes under cardigans or with a pencil skirt or whatever. I have them in the form of tank tops, t-shirts, and long-sleeve shirts (with thumbholes!). I basically buy 2 every time I go into the Gap. Anyway, I highly recommend them and they go on sale often making them a nice alternative to Athleta or Lulu workout tops. 


Obvi I spent like 20 minutes trying to capture the perfect mirror photo this afternoon, but as you can see my camera was too low on battery to take a sharp photo.

I bought this gray sweatshirt at Joe Fresh in the middle of the summer and I've been wearing it every other day since. It's in the 50's today so our house isn't too chilly, but I'm afraid now that it's January I'll have to swap it out for my wool sweaters. I just wanted to share my favorite Fall basic before the cold snap starts tomorrow. 

Happy New Year!


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